Ultima Interior Guard Plus - Antibacterial Active Defense Formula

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  • Ultima Interior Guard Plus -  Antibacterial Active Defense Formula
  • Ultima Interior Guard Plus -  Antibacterial Active Defense Formula
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Ultima has upgraded their interior products with new Antibacterial Active Defense! This latest technology has given the new and improved formulas polymers that create nano-scale surfaces that microscopic organisms cannot attach themselves on to. By protecting these surfaces, you effectively stop the spread of dangerous germs! Keep all surfaces in your car clean and germ free!

Ultima Interior Guard Plus uses superior science and technology to coat, seal and protect every finish in your fine automobile. This clear sealant dries completely and will not leave a greasy, slippery film that attracts dust. Instead, fabrics, leather and vinyl all take on the tactile feel of fine cashmere. You will glide in and out of your leather seating and feel a new comfort that's silky smooth, but not slippery.

Ultima Interior Guard Plus is the first and only polymer sealant for automotive interiors. The Ultima sealant protection lasts for months and requires only a damp cloth or Ultima Detail Spray Plus to clean and maintain. Plus, unlike traditional interior dressings, Ultima Interior Guard Plus maintains and even, natural appearance and will not fog your interior glass.

4 ounce bottle with micro-fine sprayer. Includes 4" by 6" by 2" dual-sided foam applicator. Patent Pending.


Does Ultima Interior Guard Plus contain UV protection?
Absolutely!  Ultima Interior Guard Plus contains premium UV inhibitors tested in the hot, intense California and Florida sunshine.  The job of the UV inhibitors (blockers) is to absorb ultraviolet light energy.  As the UV inhibitors do their job they slowly diminish.  If your car is frequently parked in bright sunlight, we recommend treating the high exposure areas at least 4 times a year.

How many applications can I get with a bottle of Ultima Interior Guard Plus?
Ultima Interior Guard Plus is a highly concentrated treatment.  A single ounce is enough product to coat most leather or vinyl interiors (excluding the carpets and floor mats) five or six times.  You can treat most carpets with as little as one to two ounces.  Most new users have a tendency to use too much product, which is not necessary and causes drying time to increase.  A single bottle of Ultima Interior Guard Plus is enough product to treat most car interiors for a full year.

How long does it take to apply Ultima Interior Guard Plus?
On average it takes about 10 minutes to completely coat the interior of a vehicle (excluding the carpets).  It's very fast and easy.  Heavy rubbing is never required.  Just wipe on and walk away.

When I apply Ultima Interior Guard Plus it looks like it's going to be oily.  Is this normal?
Yes, this is normal.  Allow the product to dry completely.  Whatever you do, do not get anxious and wipe the surface with a towel.  Allow Ultima Interior Guard Plus to dry completely so it can form its protective barrier.  It will amaze you!  Your interior will be soft like cashmere.

I applied Ultima Interior Guard Plus and it took a long time to dry, much longer than the bottle says.  Does this mean I applied too much?
Yes, you most likely used far too much Ultima Interior Guard Plus.  If you apply the product "wet", it will take much longer to dry. Remember to always use Ultima Interior Guard Plus very sparingly.  

How long does Ultima Interior Guard Plus take to dry or cure?
Ultima Interior Guard Plus can be dry to the touch, but not cured.  Depending on the temperature and humidity, Ultima Interior Guard Plus can dry in as little as 15 minutes, but it can also take as long as an hour in high humidity.  Curing, which means the polymers have fully cross linked and bonded to the surface, requires about 12 hours.  For best possible results, we recommend allowing your car to sit overnight before use.

Can Ultima Interior Guard Plus really be used on everything on the interior?
Yes, Ultima Interior Guard Plus will seal, shine and protect all interior surfaces, except glass.  Ultima Interior Guard Plus has the amazing ability to take on the final finish of the surface to which it is applied.  So, if your leather has a matte finish and your wood trim is glossy, not only will each of these surfaces be protected, they will also look as they are intended.

Can Ultima Interior Guard Plus be applied over another manufacturer's interior dressing product?
You bet! Although we recommend first using Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel, if your interior is clean and dry it can be treated.  Just remember, though, unlike any other product on the market, Ultima Interior Guard Plus is a sealant.  If you have dirt or a stain on your upholstery, it will be sealed in.

What is the shelf life of Ultima Interior Guard Plus?
We are not aware of any issues reducing shelf life.  WARNING: Due to the product's reactive nature with oxygen, the sprayer will fail if the cap is not applied after use.


Use Sparingly: Ultima Interior Guard Plus must be used very sparingly. About 1/4 ounce of product is all that's needed to treat most car interiors.  Overuse will cause heavy fumes and excessive drying time.

Preparation: You will achieve the best results with Ultima Interior Guard Plus if your vehicle's interior is clean and completely dry. Thoroughly clean all surfaces to be treated with Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel and towel dry.  If stains are present, treat with an appropriate stain remover before sealing.  Just as Ultima Interior Guard Plus prevents stains from setting, it will also seal in stains.

Application: Mist the soft side of an Ultima Dual-Foam Interior Applicator with Ultima Interior Guard Plus twice (two pumps) to prime the pad with product.  Wipe the product in well and finish by wiping in a straight line direction (this will help you see where you have applied product).  When it appears that no more product is being applied to the finish, spray one more shot of product onto the applicator (we recommend spraying low over your carpet to avoid overspray) .  Do not spray directly onto you interior finishes (except fabric and carpet).  Continue to wipe until the entire interior is complete.  Allow the doors and windows to remain open for at least 30 minutes after application to aid in drying. 

Fabric and Carpet Application: Ultima Interior Guard Plus is an excellent fabric sealant.  Once sealed, fabrics and carpet will resist stains and fading.  Before treating, fabric and carpet must be clean and completely dry.  Do not treat a damp surface, as the sealant will not properly bond with the textile.  To apply, mist over an area of fabric or carpet and towel in using a microfiber detailing towel.  Do not saturate the fabric.  Two light coatings are more effective than a heaving coating.  Allow one to two hours of drying time before use.  Ventilate the vehicle while applying and drying.

Do Not Buff Off or Wipe!: After application, you can sit back and watch as Ultima Interior Guard Plus does its job.  When properly applied, your vehicle's interior will dry to a perfect finish.  All surfaces will be as they should be (flat, matte, satin or glossy).  Although you may be tempted to touch and wipe your interior... DON'T!  If you simply can't keep you hands off the amazing Ultima finish, we recommend that you wait at least 30 minutes before wiping.  The longer you wait (up to 12 hours) the better.  After 1 hour, you can sit in your vehicle.

Applicator Care:  Do not use a different type of applicator with Ultima Interior Guard Plus.  The large foam applicator provided insures an even coating.  If the interior of your vehicle is clean, your Ultima Dual-Foam Interior Applicator will not get dirty from use and it will dry soft and odor-free.  Store it in a Ziploc baggie or a clean, dry location.  If your applicator becomes soiled, you may wash it in the sink by hand with dishwashing liquid.  Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry completely before use.

After Care: After treatment with Ultima Interior Guard Plus, your vehicle's interior will be easier than ever to keep clean.  A quick wipe once a week with Ultima Detail Spray and a soft towel is all that's needed.

Frequency of Use: Ultima Interior Guard Plus is the most durable automotive interior treatment available.  While we have tested lasting stain protection up to a year, proper interior care dictates that 3-4 treatments a year offers the very best protection possible.

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